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Beat the lines in-store and purchase your tickets ahead of time. Online tickets are full price, promotional tickets can only be purchased in-store. 

Ticket Prices

30 Minutes.     

1 Hour

1 Hour & 30 Minutes 

2 Hours

Elite Air Socks (required)






* All Tickets are final sale (non-refundable & non-transferable)*

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Toddler Time
Wednesdays & Saturdays

Enjoy a memorable time with your child (5 and under) where there will be no larger kids at play. We encourage you to jump alongside your child and explore new things!

$20 for the entire time for the whole family (parents and kids 5 and under). *does not include the required socks to jump.

Wednesdays  10am-1pm
Saturdays 9am-11am

Family Jump

Big Families, this deal is for you! We know when you have a big family doing fun things can get expensive, quick... So every Monday we run this deal FOR YOU! Enjoy jumping for 2 hours with your family (parents and up to 4 children) for $35. *does not include the required socks to jump.

Mondays  4pm-8pm
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Homeschool Jump

Homeschool families can jump for 2 hours during this time for $25

*does not include required socks to jump

Wednesdays 1pm-4pm

Elite Gallery

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